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     If you're visiting this site it's most likely because you play poker, you enjoy popsicles, or some weird shit I managed to produce finally caught up with me.

     Keeping it short, I was born in '81, spent most of my adult years in Chicago, but currently find myself stranded in Las Vegas for the short term.

     I've got two dogs; love all the animals, love the music, love the arts. I try to do most things obsessively until I get to a certain level, before dropping them, and resenting myself for it. 


     I do play poker professionally - Predominantly cash games, but I've started adding in the World Series of Poker tournaments recently and scored myself two of those bracelet guys. Evidently, everyone in poker is terrible except for like 5 people, and I'm not one of them, which means I'm just rattling off arbitrary facts, and owe all of you an apology.

     This site is something. I mean I really hope some people find enjoyment from it in some form or another. Mostly, I like to have my hand in lots of shit because poker does little-to-nothing for my self-worth if I'm being honest, and my OCD is somewhat appeased now that I have a dumping ground for it all.

     My friends would probably visit this site too. I love my friends <3

If you'd like to hear a few more basic details about my poker life, feel free to check out the Frequently Asked Questions Page


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