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a boring dietary journal

Day 6-7:Augth4&5

Day 6:


3 eggs (180),3 bacon (150), cheese(45), sc(35)

410 cal T


20 cal coffee

20 cal T


260 cal 2pm Cliff Bar


260 cal T


594 cal ceasar w chx

594 cal T


coffee (20) orange (80) and serving dark chocolate (130)

230 cal T

Pushups ( 50,40,50,50,50,40,40 )

Situps ( 100,100,100,100,100,100 )

Lower Body ( 50,50 )


320 pushups, 600 situps, and 100 squats. 1,514 cal taken in of 3,027 breakeven for a deficit of 1,513 calories. fasted roughly 15hours after.

Day 7:


3 eggs (180), 2 turkey sausage (130), toast w btr (180), pear (100), coffee (20)

610 cal T


cliff bar (260), coffee (20)

280 cal T


594 cal ceasar w chk

594 cal T


290 cal open faced PB&J

290 cal T

300 situps and nothing else. 1,774 cal taken in of 3,027 breakeven for a deficit of 1,253 calories. Diet has clearly been redundant, but honestly I'm pretty content with my meals to this point. I find myself craving the chicken ceasars, and havent had any problems skipping a dinner meal. It looks like skipping ~1k calories is going to be the norm.

In any event im noticing small progress already which is reassuring, and I'll likely hold out until Monday before my next weigh in which will likely have me around 225/6. Less would be beautiful.

Day 5: Aug3

Very late start to the day; I think my body needed the rest. Adjusting maintenance level from 3,078 to 3,029


290 cal Open face PB&J

109 cal 12 oz watermelon

400 cal T


20 cal coffee

20 cal T


1200 cal chipotle ( rice, black beans, double chk, pico, sc, cheese, guac, small chips )

1200 cal T


20 cal coffee

20 cal T


109 cal 12 oz watermelon

109 cal T


20 cal coffee

20 cal T

Pushups ( 50,30,40 )

Situps 500

Squats ( 50,40 )

120 pushups, 500 situps, and 90 squats. 1,790 cal taken in of 3,027 breakeven for a deficit of 1,237, but holy shit I'm drinking lots of coffee to push through the midday crash. That's definitely one area where keto was great - crashes were rare. Very productive day overall, and didnt do any workout stuff until late. I'm going to continue to add in lower body stuff, and I'm happy with my variations on pushups and situps which range in vatious levels of difficulty and obviously target different muscle groups. Also been trying to stretch a lot more.

Day 2-4: July 31st-Aug2

Day 2 I woke up at 229.5lbs which means I dropped about 3lbs of water weight right away, and routine went as follows


Pushups: 50,30 = 80

Situps: 250

2 eggs ( 120cal ), 2 turkey sausage ( 130cal ), cheese ( 45cal ), orange ( 80cal ), toast w btr ( 180cal )

455 cal T


20 cal Large Cold Brew w cream

20 cal T


390 cal Open face PB&J

108 cal 12oz Watermelon

498 cal T


Pushups: 40,40 = 80

Situps: 100,200 = 300


Pushups: 50


594 cal Homemade chicken soup & 7oz chk w ceasar salad

594 cal T


20 cal Large Cold Brew w cream

20 cal T

7pm Begin fasting


Pushups: 60,30 = 90

Situps: 100

650 situps, 300 pushups, and 1,597 calories total taken in of the 3,078k needed to maintain weight for a 1,481 caloric deficit. Probably had more than that if I had to guess but idk. I think we all get the gist of how pushups and situps are spaced out and this format got redundant fast so I'll just log all of the various reps in one bracket and leave out the timestamps moving forward.

Day 3 I wound up working all day and didnt fit any pushups or situps after some morning ones. That's disappointing but it happens.

I ate a lot of bread too!


2 slices toast w butter ( 360 cal ) 12oz watermelon ( 108 cal ) and cold brew ( 20 cal )

488 cal T


Med Nitro cold brew ( 25 cal )

25 cal T


Small ceasar ( 273 cal )

273 cal T


Chicken gumbo soup w extra chicken ( 660 cal ) and slice bread ( 90 cal )

750 cal T

6:45 began fasting

Pushups: ( 90,50,50 )

190 pushups and did no situps. 1,536 calories taken in of the 3,078k needed to maintain weight for a 1,542 caloric deficit.

Day 4 I woke up at 227.2 lbs which should be about the end of the water weight purge if I had to guess. I was feeling hungry but overall good. No real soreness aside from the residual stiffness of sitting and working all day. I'm doing some light stretching, but I know I need to get moving on yoga, and also taking better care of my joints which are fucked up in multiple places from tons of old wear and tear. Once I get in a good routine I'll continue to add things on. Eventually I'll need to have my right knee and foot checked out because there's something seriously underlying there.


Med Nitro ( 25 cal )

25 cal T


3 eggs ( 180 ), 2 turkey sausage ( 130 ), orange ( 80 ), toast and btr ( 180 ) sour cream ( 30 )

600 cal T


Large cb ( 20 cal )

20 cal T


Ceasar w 7oz chx and soup ( 594 cal )

12 oz watermelon ( 109 cal )

703 cal T


orange ( 80 ), serving dark chocolate ( 130 ), pb&j ( 390 )

600 cal T


12oz watermelon ( 109 )

109 cal T

Pushups ( 50,30,50,30,50,30,50,50,50 )

Situps ( 150,200,100,100,200,200 )

Squats ( 30,30 )


390 pushups, 950 situps, and added in 60 squats. 2,057 calories taken in of the 3,078k needed to maintain weight for a 1,021 caloric deficit. I feel really bloated probably from the soup made so I'll probably look to cut that out some. No fasting either for the day, but I'm mostly happy with my level of productivity  and overall output. I'm worried about my legs, but I really need to get some cardio in aside from walking my dog 4-5 times a day. I'll have a base weight and new caloric maintenance number at the start of tomorrows entry. I'm so annoyed by how much damage I did to my body last month with food after being so good.

Day 1: July 30th

I'll be weighing myself first thing in the morning every day for the rest of this week, only because I'm curious to see the rate at which the initial water weight drops off since I've never diligently observed that. Starting next Monday I'll just stick to Monday morning weigh-ins, and anticipate losing 1 to 2lbs a week steadily.

Since I've mentioned that I'll be doing a minimum of 300 pushups and 500 situps daily, for now I'll also show timestamps/reps so anyone who happens to find this can see how things are pretty conveniently spaced out making this a not especially difficult routine. I may or may not continue logging that in the future

The scale shows me at 232.5 this morning and I'd like to be around 216 by September. I think I'll drop 4lbs or so of water weight in the first few days if I had to guess, no cheat meals for the first few weeks, then I'll give myself one/wk to go over caloric maintenance and to remind myself of why keto is in timeout.

To find out roughly how many calories are needed as a caloric baseline to maintain the weight you're currently at, I use the formula below for reference

Multiply your calculated RMR (the equation below) by 1.3 (sedentary), 1.4 (moderately active), or 1.5 (very active). If you work out intensely 4-5 days/week or are active in sports or outdoor activities, use 1.5 as the multiplying factor.

Height expressed in inches
Weight expressed in pounds
Age expressed in years

For men: RMR = 66 + (12.7 x height) + (6.27 x weight) – (6.8 x age)
For women: RMR = 655 + (4.57 x height) + (4.36 x weight) – (4.7 x age)

Here's a broken down example using mine ( 39yo male, 6'2'',  232.5lbs, moderately active )

1.4 = 66 + (12.7 x 74) + (6.27 x 232.5) - (6.8 x 39)
1.4 = 66 + (939.8) + (1457.8) - (265.2)
1.4 x 2,198.4 =


3078 calories per day to maintain my current weight which I'll be adjusting daily, again just out of curiosity, for the first week to keep pace with the initial drop off. I seriously can't believe 10 years has flown by and I'm fucking 39. This dietary blog is going to meltdown into a gigantic existential crisis.

Day 1 routine:


10 cal Double shot espresso to preempt caffeine headache

Pushups: 50,50 = 100

Situps: 150

10 cal T


20 cal Large Cold Brew w cream

20 cal T

2 pm

Pushups: 40,30 = 700

Situps: 200

80 cal orange

120 cal banana

200 cal T

3 pm

Pushups: 50


25 cal Med Nitro Cold Brew w cream

594 cal Ceasar salad w 7oz chk ( parm, croutons, dressing )

619 cal T

7:30 pm

Begin fasting

10:30 pm

Pushups: 50,30 = 80

Situps: 250

500 Situps, 300 pushups, and 849 cal total taken in of the 3078k needed to maintain weight for a 2,229 calorie deficit. This is obviously not how things are going to progress, but I want to start off a little intense and reprogram myself to be comfortable again when I'm hungry. I also didn't feel like going on a pure fast. Faded the caffeine headache, and peed a bunch. One in the books!

Intro: July 29


This is technically the 5th iteration of a blog that began 10 years ago on livejournal ( ). I no longer have the email associated with that sites password evidentially, but this will give me a good excuse to get reacquainted with my neglected website, and accustomed to logging in on a regular basis.

When I started my dietary journal 10 years back I was 28yo and 215lbs, hadn't yet started boxing, and noticed I was getting a belly from sitting around playing poker all day when I previously been active in a bunch of sports and skateboarded everywhere. Diet was a success and I took up boxing/kickboxing/muaythai, put on lean muscle, and dropped down to 185 or so. I was probably around 15% body fat at my best if I had to guess.

Over the course of the last few years I fell pretty hard off of any reasonably healthy diet and got as big as 255lbs. May 5th - June 29th of this year I went straight keto with some intermittent fasting as it's an easier diet to follow while in quarantine. I challenged myself to do minimum 300 pushups and 500 situps daily, with one day off a week for rest, and got to 218 for the first time in forever, before becoming satisfied with my work and binging a month straight, bringing us into today.

I'll weigh in tomorrow morning, but if I had to guess, I gained back close to 10lbs and lost a fair amount of muscle in the process. I think my ideal weight is likely going to be around 200lbs given my bodys growth over the last 10 years, but lets find out.

My plan is to introduce a basic clean diet back as my routine, which was what I was doing in my old journal ( example ). I'll pick back up the 300/500 challenge because it was fun, and something you do throughout the day. I'd like to incorporate more flexibility routines, will obviously do cardio/skateboard, and will eventually test out a kickboxing gym nearby and start sparring again. I'd just like to get the ball rolling for now, and knock out that first week of no longer feeling saturated with sugars and sodium.

Weigh ins and food logging to begin tomorrow. Welcome to this boring-ass journal - I wont be promoting it hahaha

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