If you're visiting this site it's most likely because you play poker, you enjoy popsicles, or some weird shit I managed to produce finally caught up with me.

     Keeping it short, I was born in '81, spent most of my adult years in Chicago, and currently reside in Los Angeles. Living in LA is fucking weird, and everywhere I go is like a goddamn American Idol audition, but I'm out here with my girl and life is good.

     I've got two dogs; love all the animals, love the music, love the arts. I try to do most things obsessively until I get to a certain level, before dropping them, and resenting myself for it. 


     I do play poker professionaly - Predominantly cash games, but I started adding in the World Series of Poker tournaments recently and scored myself two of those bracelet guys. Evidently, everyone in poker is terrible except for like 5 people, and I'm not one of them, which means I'm just rattling off arbitrary facts, and owe all of you an apology.

     This site is something. I mean I really hope some people find enjoyment from it in some form or another. Mostly, I like to have my hand in lots of shit because poker does little-to-nothing for my self-worth if I'm being honest, and my OCD is somewhat appeased now that I have a dumping ground for it all.

     My friends would probably visit this site too. I love my friends <3


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