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Jan 13th 2017

4: Tristar Gym

Remember the time I moved to Montreal in the dead of winter 2013? If you said yes, I'd guess you're either Martin Bradstreet or you took a sizable financial hit playing poker in Chicago. I had to move someplace where I could grind poker online so as not to fall further behind the Russian/German learning curve.

While there, I would make the nearly hour long commute to the renown Tristar Gym to continue developing my stand-up, and this spot was my sanctuary.  The floor is made of this smooth, granite-type material that acts as a tomato slicer to the bottom of your feet if you aren't properly calloused, while the tape around the heavybags turn a striking surface with reasonable give into a legit slab of bricks.

I had some strange moments in this place, but it was a fun experience. Besides, what's more Russian than walking for an hour in below zero temperatures to kick at a wall?

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Jan 13th 2017

4: Tristar Gym

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