If anyone knows where I can find video of the full 2014 $50k please hit me up! 



2016 $10k Pot Limit Omaha Final Table - I still haven't watched this shit, but somehow I managed to win it, so it's going on the page.

Pokernews Podcast w/ Rich Ryan and Jason Somerville - I remember this being a super fun one for me. Love these guys!

What's in Your Sack w/ Sarah Herring - Hanging with Sarah is always a fabulous time. Let's  find out what (or who) I'm lugging around with me together.

2016 $1,500 Stud8 Final Table - Sometimes you watch a replay and realize you didn't play heads up as badly as you had initially thought; then there are these moments. Polar Bears are supposed to be good closers.

The Mark Hoke Show - This one stands out to me because Mark was    gracious enough to grant me my very first interview ever. You took away my innocence, man.

Even if you look like a homeless, being on a magazine cover is still  pretty great, so I'll just leave these right here. If anybody else wants to  put me on their magazine cover you just go ahead and let me know.

Thanks Drew Amato
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