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Losing tournaments every day for a month can be a real drag. Lots of people start dialing it in at this point, but a real pro knows a solid theme can help get them over the hump in a snap. 

When looking to theme it up, it's important to remember "the three P's:" Persona, Platform, and Porpoise. 

Persona - What do you want to be? Lately I've been dressing up like animals, but there are times when your girlfriend puts you on time-out from your costume chest, and you're going to have to 'Emperor's New Clothes' that shit until she gives you your key back. If this is the case, a good accent should be enough to do the trick. Remind me to tell you guys about the Gentle Chip Caresser some time.

Platform - Are we doing this shit at the table, on social media, somewhere in between or both? Get creative, but don't half-ass it!

Porpoise - Are you sure you don't want to be a porpoise? No? Ok, moving along then...

For this one we got to maintain our disinterested table demeanor, and even keep our pessimistic attitude towards our event's outcome, but all fun-like. Here are some tweets from when the 10k Championship HORSE Event turned into the 10k HORSE For Nihilists Event.

Post Script: If you don't know what nihilism is I'd encourage you to look it up before continuing. If you're too lazy to use Google, here's the short of it.

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