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ShayeSaintJohn -The Hand Thing:

Eric Fournier, formally of the punk bands Skelegore and The Blood Farmers, created Shaye before dying in 2010 from internal bleeding related to alcoholism. Shaye's backstory is of a model decimated by a train accident and reconstructed using wooden limbs and mannequin parts, now living a faux-glamorous life in squalor.

In addition to a large volume of bizarre and erratic Youtube videos, Eric released a DVD titled "The Triggers Compilation", and produced the website which acts as Shaye's personal site and is a series of wormholes and randomness; definitely an enjoyable way to hate-fuck your brain for a few hours.

Below is Shaye's video titled "The Hand Thing". Enjoy!

Think you might suffer from Cerebeleebium? Click the link for help.

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