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Since last we spoke Pt.7 The 2017 WSOP Recap: Poker after 10K On The Table

The above statement was one from my penultimate entry in the 10k On The Table Blog, and very accurately described where my head was throughout 2017, as I reevaluated my decision to continue down this path of exposing myself to destructive people, and depressing environments.

Much of 2017 was spent attempting to diversify and generate money in other ways, which I'll eventually touch on as briefly as is possible, but with WSOP around the corner I was looking forward to a reprieve from my anxiety fraught Commerce cash game excursions. I've made it a point throughout my poker journey to purposefully not play tournaments throughout the year under the assumption that I'll feel especially excited to grind them for two months straight when summer camp kicks up.

That's Richie Chase from Chicago to my left; he's had my number for years. No amount of cats could save me

Unfortunately my theme of bad odd years remained a constant, and I didn't have a whole lot to show for this round of tournaments. Results wise I cashed 6 times, stone Final Table bubbling the $1,500 HORSE event after misplaying at least two major spots, and taking 6th in the $10k Razz - Another result I would have improved upon had I been playing my best, as I missed an opportunity that I wouldn't have fucked up were I dialed in. eventually my Russian friend Andrey Zhigalov got me with his six low against my worse six, and ODB finished me off.

A few of the highlights of WSOP 2017 included:

- Being drafted to Negreanu's 25k Fantasy Team, and having a small part in his WSOP Vlog Series. I really enjoy revisiting content from these times after the dust settles, and think he and his videographer do a nice job.

- Busting out the old Lite-Brite and finger puppets

Jason Gola with The Precious

- One of my closest friends Jason Gola shipping a Razz bracelet at the expense of my other friend David "ODB" Baker.

Prior to heads up we had a discussion about endgame play, and I also mentioned the ways I thought I fucked up strategy my last few Stud events. It turns out if you share what you know with people who are better than you, and who will execute things more effectively, you've got a winning proposition on your hands. He overcame a large chip disadvantage as well which is always an awesome display of resiliency to witness. This bracelet felt like vicarious redemption personally for squandered heads-up opportunities, but more importantly I was so proud and happy for my very hard-working friend!

Overall I booked a -50% ROI loss, although chopping the 10k Razz Last Longer was a helpful save, as was having a bit of a winning Ben Yu Series. In spite of a rough LAPC, a lackluster WSOP, and some pulling out Bitcoin before a massive upswing hiccups, no real harm done, but things are about to get messy.

<3 Brandon


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