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Dec 09th 2016

3: Winter at the Shoe

Hammond, Indiana is a dump. You go to their Casino, Randy hits his one-outer to make a quads on your full house and then complains that you didnt have more money behind. By some act of mercy you managed to not miss the Chinatown Shuttle by a minute, but you are still busted and riding the Chinatown Shuttle ( to the 'L' on Sox-35th, then Red Line back home ) at 3am.

Friday rolls around, and by Saturday morning you've run out of your head and ruined the whole table. Victory walk to the cage with your chips that you convert to cash, and stand outside decompressing as the crisp winter air fills your lungs with renewed life. Relieved, Hammond Indiana becomes the most beautiful place on earth. And that is what happened.

Here are a few additional photos directly related to this story

Evening view from the shuttle

Happy Binion's Steakhouse dinners

The 40/80 days that went well

Chicago Skyway from the shuttle

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