Aug 13th 2016

1: Cherric Rodawig

Eric Rodawig is one of my closest friends. You may know him as that guy at the poker table that got you to put your headphones on. I know him as the man with the heart of gold that I'm constantly writing checks to.

Eric's second nickname for me is Grandpa Joe, because when I'm not spending all of my time in the shower, I'm spending all of my time in bed.

In this photo we are stationed at the Borgata in Atlantic City enjoying some down time from gambling. I've got me a bag of cherries, and I'm keeping myself entertained with them. Eric is play Counterstrike 2 or some shit on his laptop. Cherric is playing Counterstrike 2 even better.

Aug 13th 2016

1: Cherric Rodawig

Oct 30th 2016

2: HBD

2013-Montreal Tri Star6.JPG

Jan 13th 2017

4: Tristar Gym

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