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Oct 30th 2016

2: HBD!

This is a great day at work for the guy on the far right. Singing 'Happy Birthday' to kids all day while wearing a Farrels hat definitely makes the 'no thanks list', so knowing that I probably wound up crying at some point throughout this performance in my undersized turtleneck(?) warms my heart.

I'd like to think I'm feeling sad because I have the ability to see the death of everyone who sings to me, but we all know a little bitch when we see one. At least we can finally put the innie/outtie deliberations to rest.

Previous Entries

Aug 13th 2016

1: Cherric Rodawig

Oct 30th 2016

2: HBD

2013-Montreal Tri Star6.JPG

Jan 13th 2017

4: Tristar Gym

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